How to Find the Power and Strength to Live Out Your Calling

A Life-Giving Course for... Parents, Teachers, Ministers, Caregivers of any kind.

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This course contains practical steps to maintain confidence in your ability to help others. You will learn to build lasting help by looking at Paul's life and finding transferrable action points for your life.

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I met Kevin in China where he was a missionary reaching out to the orphans of China. He not only cared for the orphans of China but other missionaries as well. My wife and I were individuals that received love and care from him during his time in China. His love, care and counsel were always empowering, and his input dramatically changed my life and marriage. In this book, Kevin shares the motivation behind his caregiving lifestyle. - Aaron Eggman

Kevin answers questions that I have about caring for people that I didn't even know how to articulate. For example, I often wondered why I hated the people I served. Kevin explains it and the answers he provides renew my desire and strength to serve. I recommend this book highly. - Ken Lee

Dealing with people is one of the greatest challenges in life. As Christians, ​we should be better equipped to relate to people and care for them, but often still find ourselves struggling in this area. I have personally experienced burnout when caring for people. I want to recommend this book to you for several reasons. Kevin is a personal friend who has consistently demonstrated what he is writing about. I have personally experienced being loved, valued and understood through Kevin’s life and seem him demonstrate this to many others. The truths he shares are not theoretical, they flow from the heart of a good God who cares for people. - Dave Chater

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